Hip Loosening May Be the Least of Recipients Worries

 For those whose hip joint has become so deteriorated that doing simple tasks has become too pain to bear, the best option would be hip replacement surgery. Over the past decade there has been many strides in this field, the most prominent is the metal-on-metal hip replacement. This works by replacing the top of the thighbone with a metal ball and stem, which then fits into a synthetic socket implanted in the hip consisting of a metal shell and plastic liner. Depuy’s version of a metal-on-metal hip replacement system, called “Pinnacle”, was supposed to be an innovated new piece of technology. Unfortunately the Depuy Pinnacle Hip Replacement system has begun to show its flaws, and many are starting to consider filing Depuy Pinnacle Lawsuits.

The way that Pinnacle was supposed to work was by facilitating the regular fluid motion of a natural hip joint combined with the durability of a metal-on-metal product. The Pinnacle was also marketed towards younger patients, who would like to keep their active lifestyle after receiving hip surgery. However this is not the case, the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already received over 500 complaints on how the metal-on-metal hip replacement system is faulty.
The largest of the complaints are those whose replacements have become loose, and have caused the patient to have severe pains when doing the smallest tasks. Some recipient’s hip replacements have become so loose that revision surgery was the only way to correct it. As the product was only introduced to the market in 2003, and considering it was marketed as one of the most durable systems to date, this should not be happening. 

However the most shocking problem faced by not just Depuy Pinnacle recipients, but all metal-on-metal hip replacement recipients is that of metal poisoning. . This is caused when the two metal parts in the hip and thighbone begin to rub against each other and cause metal flakes to be introduced into the blood stream causing a type of metal poisoning called Metallosis.

If you have suffered from a loose Depuy Pinnacle Hip replacement system or the Metallosis it can cause, you do have the right to file a claim against the company. For more information on your potential Depuy Pinnacle Lawsuit, feel free to visit the Depuy Pinnacle Lawsuit main site.


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