When we experience pains from hip arthritis, doctors would not immediately tell us to undergo a hip surgery. There are actually a lot of ways one can do in order to relieve themselves from the pain of hip arthritis. But of course, we can never get away from a surgery when our hip pains get worse. With this, we should get ready for the possible complications that may result from the surgery. Moreover, we should also be prepared of the amount of time we will spend off from work when a hip surgery will happen. This especially goes to products like DePuy Pinnacle hip replacement due to allegations that they give off complications. With the issue growing, "Johnson & Johnson made an oversight committee".

Facts About Hip Surgery

In order to help us prepare for the possible complications that can result from a hip replacement surgery, we should be informed about the basic facts on this procedure. Hip replacement surgery is the process of removing the diseased/damaged hip and replacing it with a prosthetic such example is the DePuy Pinnacle system. This diseased/damaged hip has been causing great pains and making one immobile. And with the prosthetic, the pains and immobility will vanish.

Problems That Can Result After The Hip Surgery

Doctors and statistics may assure us that there is nothing to worry about going through a hip surgery because 90% of the time the procedure is successful. However, complications are still known to result after hip replacement procedures.
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis. Mainly, this concerns about the possibility of blood clots happening. Although this can be normal and can be remedied with blood thinners, exercises and certain devices, it can still be dangerous because it can severely limit one’s mobility after the surgery. Furthermore, if worse comes to worse, this can be a life threatening situation because it can cause pulmonary embolism.
  • Disproportion Legs. There can be a possibility that the prosthetic used on your hips is not the proportionate size for your body. Although this can be fixed, it can still cause pains and immobility which ironic as the surgery was performed to avoid these situations.
  • Infection. This can be caused by a lot of reasons. And dependent upon how it is caused is the severity of how one can be affected and how it can be treated.
One of the recent issues related to hip surgery complications is what is happening to the DePuy Pinnacle system. It was presented that they were loosening which resulted to serious complications like people suffering from metallosis. With this, I can see how those affected of allegations against the Pinnacle device have been so reasonable in filing for a Pinnacle lawsuit.