Pinnacle Hip Replacement system faces more and more complaints about having multiple defects. About 500 reports have already been made because of the tendency to loosen prematurely. After the hip replacement surgery, the patients claimed they have been experiencing severe pain.  There might be patients who went through the corrective surgery who never had the intention to undergo. Then the suffering continues as they need to go through the process of recovery. Moreover, according to The New York Times, metal particles may build up in the tissue around the implanted joint as a result of the constant friction of these types of metal-to-metal devices. More than the remedy, they also need understanding knowing someone who is going through the same throes would mean a lot to them. Moreover, it is a sad fact that "women are more at risk on this hip replacement issue".

For people with orthopedic problems especially in the hip area, activities may be limited and would most likely let them resort to spending more time on the internet. A lot sedentary compared to going out with family and friends. But the Web is actually a worldwide society, through online forums, they can meet other people who might have shared the same experience as they did. Surely we are going to read stories of frustrations and pain but we will also get to read stories of success. Everyone would love to hear how they fought until they get compensated. Lawyers experienced and knowledgeable in the business of protecting patients’ rights against large medical device manufacturers are important so that legal concerns would be addressed. Accrediting the group of lawyers who help them triumph over the case would help others find the people they can turn to as they file actions. Triumphant stories encourage harmed victims to push on with their appeals. Additionally, these websites will also allow them to share their experiences as well as reviews and testimonials about certain products. They can give pieces of advice to each other to recuperate faster.

Right now, filing for a "DePuy Pinnacle lawsuit" is one of the acts associated on people affected of this hip replacement issue which just show how important it is to have a forum because this is a worthy topic that can be discuss.